Therapists in CT who work with Transgender Teens and Adults and Their Families

The mental health clinicians listed here all have some experience and/or training in helping transgender individuals and their families. All work with teens, most with adults, and some with children. Clinicians are listed alphabetically by county and then by town. When you call, in addition to the usual questions about availability, access, cost, insurance and so on, ask them about their prior experience and training specific to helping transgender clients. Here are two other questions you might want to ask:

  • Have they helped individuals and families that share important characteristics with you, such as age, family challenges, mental health challenges or other concerns you may have?
  • Are they able to provide an evaluation for readiness for hormone treatment or surgery and to write a letter when appropriate?

Clinicians who speak Spanish:

  • New Haven County, Naugatuck: Sarah Scozzafata
  • New Haven County, Wallingford, Julissa Perez


Danbury: Susan Buzaid, LCSW, 203-733-9966

       Carolyn Cunningham, LCSW, 203-794-1044

        Kimberly Scott, LCSW 203-858-0875

New Canaan: Micaela Scully, LCSW, 203 249-0681

Newtown: Karen Schaum, LPC, 203-270-9888x2

Norwalk: Janetta Bohlander, LMFT, 203-521-0805

Shelton: Johanna Rayman, LCSW, 203-257-1547

Westport: Amanda Harmon, LCSW, 203-583-1257

               Johanna Rayman, LCSW, 203-257-1547


Avon: Eileen Kindl, LPC, 207-318-0603

Bristol: Victoria Palagy, LMFT, 860-506-5377

Bloomfield: Bonnie Scranton, LCSW, 860-878-8142

Enfield: Rebecca Curry, LCSW at CHR, 860-253-5020x169

Farmington: Faith Prelli, PsyD, 203-710-6000

       Kristen Ungar, LCSW, 860-216-7500

Glastonbury: Carey Beyor, LMFT, 860-652-0428

       James Conti, PhD, 860-268-2020

Hartford: Monica Alvarenga, LCSW, 860-573-5013

       Marcia Brubeck, LCSW, 860-231-1997

       Jenny Honen, LPC, 860-573-0992

       Carole Mackenzie, LCSW, 860-231-7373

       Melanie Martin-Peele, MEd, 860-370-2222

Manchester: Sarah Gilbert, LCSW, 860-884-8372

Old Wethersfield: Sharon E. Cutts, LCSW, 860-539-4434

Rocky Hill: Karen Calcaterra, LCSW  860-324-1265.

Simsbury: Michelle Voegtle, M.Ed., LPC, 860-309-1013

Southington: Amy Emery, LCSW, 203-340-4653

      Lynne Zeitler, LCSW, 860-919-1589

West Hartford: Diana Rosen, MS, MFT, 860-313-1119x102

       Michael Saraceno, LMFT, 959-208-4785

       Shane Scott, LCSW, 860-604-4756

       Nicole Scrivano, LMFT, 860-334-0731

       Jo Ann Sondheimer, LCSW, 860-508-6226

Wethersfield: Christy Knowles, LCSW, 860-280-4008

       May Tuscano, LMFT, 860-856-9773


Litchfield: Steve Kukolla, LMFT, 860-398-6150

Torrington, Charlotte Hungerford Hospital:

       Kim Monahan, LMFT, 860-489-3391

      Tracy Morales-Gabelmann, LCSW, 860-489-0931x113


Middletown: Michael Miarecki, LCSW, 203-892-6694

      David Spalding, LCSW, 860-343-9150


Branford: Branford Counseling Center, 203-481-4248

       Kathleen Capen, LCSW, 860-518-5284

       Jay Simanovich, LCSW, 203-635-8350

       Talitha Tramuta, LMFT, 203-800-1135

Cheshire: Sandy Tyrell, LPC, 203-271-0133

Derby: Dayne Bachmann, LCSW, 475-439-9639

Guilford: Guilford Youth and Family Services, 203-453-8047

        Ashlie Befus, LMFT: 203-941-1739

Hamden: Jen Johnston, LPC, 203-745-0733

Madison: Abby Lipschutz, PsyD, 203-799-5490

        Kelly McWilliams, LCSW, 203-500-9007

        Rebecca Peterson, LCSW, 860-227-6839

        Vincent Samuolis, LCSW, LADC, 203-804-6251

Naugatuck: Michelle Finch, LPC, 203-909-1333

        Sarah Scozzafava, LPC, 203-240-8640

        Michael Stokes, LPC, 203-572-2962

New Haven: Robina Altbrandt, LCSW, 203-640-6564

        Kathleen Capen, LCSW, 860-518-5284

        Kathryn Lesko, PhD, 203-321-3756

        Lisa Marcus, PhD, 203-782-9740

        Nancy Meyer-Lustman, PhD, 203-562-9268

North Haven: Paul Kozodoy, LCSW, 203-530-2053

        Thomas Murphy, LCSW, 203-376-8912

Seymour: Natasha Provancer, LMFT, 203-231-6971

Wallingford: Jordan-Buell Hunt, LCSW, 973-747-9725

        Julissa Perez, LCSW, 203-403-6299

        Sue Ellen Sonosky, LCSW, 860-526-9662

West Haven: Beth Armstrong, LCSW, 203-623-6587

        Talitha Tramuta, LMFT, 203-800-1135


Colchester: Megan Cameron, LMFT, 860-965-0437

New London: Katie Bosse, LCSW, 860-822-4790     

        Megan Cameron, LMFT, at UCFS, 860-822-4740

        Barbara Kremitz, LCSW, 860-822-4790

        Kelly McCabe, LMFT, at UCFS, 860-822-4782

Norwich: Eileen Kindl, LPC, 207-318-0603

        Ashley Webb, LMFT, 860-771-1585 and at UCFS:

                 860-892-7042 ext 1184


Mansfield: Michelle Allison, LMFT, 860 933-5072

        Beth Hudson-Hankins, LCSW, 860-786-7310

        Hillary Stern, LCSW, 860-208-8519

        Tamara Vertefeuille, LCSW, 860-429-2928 x7

Vernon: Christine Routhier, LCSW, 860-647-8995


Putnam/Danielson: Hayley Tiller, LCSW, 860-884-2170

Willimantic: George Duhame, LCSW, 860-608-7494

For more information or to order your copy from the publisher, click here.

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For more information or to order your copy from the publisher, click here.

Also available at, supporting independent bookstores, and at Amazon.