Praise for the 1st edition of
Helping Your Transgender Teen

Finding an easily readable, concrete and accessible book that targeted the unique needs and concerns of parents of transgender teens has been difficult. Until now. Helping Your Transgender Teen provides information, support, understanding as well as hands-on ideas that parents can use to navigate both their child’s and their own transformation. Bravo!
--Robin McHaelen, Executive Director of True Colors, Inc., a non-profit dedicated to the needs and issues of LGBT youth

Resources remain scarce for loving parents who have chosen to take a new course and support their transgender child... There is a new option, Helping Your Transgender Teen: A Guide for Parents by Irwin Krieger, a clinical social worker with years of experience. Krieger's style is gentle and accessible, yet it covers all of the basics. The best part is that, at 86 pages, it's the perfect intro for parents wanting to go where few parents have gone before -- support their transgender child.
-- Joanne Herman, author of Transgender Explained For Those Who Are Not, Huffington Post, 6-11-11, "When Parents Reject Their Transgender Child"

As an Endocrinologist who treats transgender youth, I am both delighted by the insight Irwin Krieger brings to this topic as well as thankful for the availability of this publication which I use as a tool in managing patients on a day to day basis. I highly recommend Krieger's book as a resource for parents to demystify the transition their child is going through. Krieger writes with incredible accessibility in a warm and friendly tone. Chapters are divided logically into easy to digest pieces that explain terms like "gender identity", "gender dysphoria", and "gender expression" to the reader who may have any level of prior understanding of this topic, or none at all. Never one to alienate, Krieger describes not only what to expect from a social and medical point of view during transition, but also addresses common concerns from the transgender teenage perspective. The period of transition can be a challenging experience for parents but a remarkably healing and relieving one for their trans-children, and this book will aid everyone involved to a better understanding and acceptance of this condition.
--Dr. Ilja Hulinsky, Endocrinologist, West Haven, CT and New York City

This book is just what families of transgender teens need to help them comprehend and work through the key issues to enable their beloved young person to fulfil their goals and potential.
--Dr. Victor Storm, Conjoint Associate Professor, School of Medicine, University of Western Sydney

This guide for parents of transgender teens is a well-written, easy reading, basic presentation of how to deal intelligently with your transgender or questioning teenager. Irwin Krieger is a clinical social worker with more than 25 years experience working with the LGBT community.
There are a number of books about understanding our transgender children of all ages. Many of them are more psychological treatises that are not necessarily the best introduction for “new” parents. Others relate best to adult transgender awareness, while others are directed toward helping parents accept the reality of gender variance themselves rather than dealing with their child.
More and more teens are self-identifying as transgender. They need the love and support of their families. Helping Your Transgender Teen is an excellent choice for their parents.
-- Dave Parker, PFLAG Transgender Network

An amazing book! Helping Your Transgender Teen is written with the compassion that is needed to support parents through their child's transition. This book is filled with valuable information, I highly recommend it.
--Tony Ferraiolo, Transgender Youth Advocate

The book provides a good “lay of the land” for parents who have little information about what it means to have a transgender child. It includes a glossary of terms, a primer on gender and sexuality, and a fairly detailed roadmap for what to expect should the teen decide to transition.
It is particularly strong in articulating the tensions that can arise between an impatient teen and a cautious parent who is trying to “come up to speed”. Other helpful areas are sample letters to extended family members explaining the situation, thoughts on what to expect when a teen transitions at school and a discussion of the typical fears a parent may have.
There are few minor points with which I took issue – namely a tendency (not just here but in a good deal of transgender literature) to paint the (FTM) female to male transgender child’s experience as somehow “easier” and Krieger’s describing a teen’s coming out as gay as often being a “transitional identity” to what may later be a “straight” identity. This may overlook the strong “queer” identity that many young people lay claim to before, during and even after transition.
These points aside, “Helping Your Transgender Teen” is sure to do just that for a good many parents who will be reassured and educated by this book.
--Ami Kaplan, Transgender Mental Health blog, 4/10/11

For information about the 2nd edition, published 2018, click here.

"I have a transgender teen son... When he first told me he was transgender about 9 months ago, my husband and I didn't even know what that was and tried to convince him to be gender neutral and were afraid how his future would look. I found your book on line and wanted to tell you it was immensely helpful!"
-- Cindi L.