Questions parents and clinicians can ask teenagers to understand more about their gender identity

Ask your questions in a spirit of curiosity, without implying criticism or disbelief. Keep an open mind about the validity and meaning of the teen’s inner experience. Listen, ask for more detail, be patient, be flexible in your thinking.

o When did you first begin to question your gender identity?

o Do you feel sure now, or are you still questioning?

o How did you fit in with girls and boys when you were younger?

o How do you feel about the male or female aspects of your body?

o How do you feel about the changes to your body that come with puberty?

o How do you feel when people view you as female or male?

o Who have you talked to about this so far and how have they responded?

o Would you like to share this information with other family members?

o Do you want to let people know at school? In your neighborhood?